Month: August 2018

Lenovo Yoga C930, High-End Laptop With A Sound Bar

Advertising The Lenovo Yoga C930 is the successor of the Yoga 920 which we reviewed previously. It is a high-end 14” laptop (13.9” exactly) designed to provide an excellent user experience via its performance, design […]

The iOS 12 beta update glitch is fixed

Apple has pushed out a new iOS 12 Beta, fixing the frustrating bug that pestered early users with notifications for a non-existent update. Reports of the glitch began circulating yesterday, with iPhone owners on Apple’s […]

Directors’ Cuts Won’t Save You

Graphic: Elena Scotti, Gizmodo (Photos: Warner Bros.) FeudsIt’s Feud Week at Gizmodo. We’re exploring spats, gripes, and fights in tech, science, and entertainment.   Watching a director’s cut of a film you’ve previously seen can be […]